The Great X Files Rewatch 2017


I had my first experience of The X Files on 9th October 1995 (okay I cheated and looked up the air dates). I was just ten years old, still in primary school and absolutely no concept of what the show was. I had my own bedroom and my own TV and a tendency to stay up watching the kind of TV I shouldn’t (coincidentally there have only ever been two things that have given me nightmares. One was the film version of Roald Dahl’s The Witches and the other was The X Files. As a kid I had countless nightmares about being kidnapped by aliens. I guess my parents were right after all!). I can still remember the first episode I saw on that spooky October evening.  The episode was called “3”, the seventh episode of season 2, and as most X Files fans will tell you is not a very good episode. But to ten year old me, still developing any sort of quality control, it was literally the best thing I’d ever seen. I was far too young to really appreciate what was going on and it is perhaps one of the worst jumping on points as there’s no Scully and it sees Mulder acting a bit out of character but it was a dark, grown up show about investigating all the weird shit I was convinced was going on in my back garden.

Within months The X Files was my biggest obsession. I remember getting my mum’s friend to record the opening episodes of season 3 off Sky 1 for me so I didn’t have to wait to the best part of a year for BBC 2 to show it to find out how Mulder survived being set on fire by the Cigarette Smoking Man. I also remember persuading my dad to buy one of The X Files videos just so I could see the second part of a two parter without having to wait a week.

I lost touch with the show somewhere in season 4 but I returned on and off during season 6 thanks to BBC 1’s late night showings. I followed the last few episodes of the original run and I was there for the end. Thanks to constant repeats on Sky One and The Works selling off video box sets of the complete seasons I finally got to watch the whole series and rediscovered my love of the franchise. I was in the front of the queue for the second X Files movie (hey I don’t think it’s that bad) and I’ve owned the whole series on DVD and now Blu Ray).

As I begin my latest rewatch in glorious high definition (it sure does look pretty) I thought I might chronicle my experiences of rewatching my all time favourite television series through ten seasons, 2 movies, some video games (it’s been a few years since I checked in with Special Agent Craig Willmore), a handful of novels, comic books, a spin off series and that crossover episode with The Simpsons. I’ll be post mini reviews (about 250 words per episode) as I try and find out whether the truth really is out there!


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