The X Files Mini Reviews 1.3 Squeeze

The X Files: Season 1 Episode 3 Written by: Glen Morgan and James Wong Directed: Harry Longstreet

Lucked out on the world trade centre bombing. Yeesh that’s enough to make you wince these days. This isn’t the last time the world of The X Files will make us feel uncomfortable about the World Trade Centre (I’m looking at you Lone Gunmen!). But unfortunate dialogue aside Squeeze is a big turning point for The X Files. The first Monster of the Week episode and the first time we discover that it’s more than aliens from other planets we need to live in fear of.

The liver chomping, body stretching Eugene Victor Tooms remains one of the X Files most iconic villains. You ask anyone that watched X Files back when it was airing and he’s the guy they remember. Real life creepy guy Doug Hutchison (come on that whole Courtney Stodden thing is beyond creepy) is perfectly cast as Tooms and he is the stuff of nightmares.

This episode really gives us an insight into how the rest of the FBI view Mulder. Even more insightful is how Scully stands by him possibly causing great damage to her own career. Three episodes in and the relationship that defines the series is already there.

Wong and Morgan are two of the finest writers to work on The X Files and they hit it out of the park in their first time at bat. They bring true horror to the series and I can’t wait to rewatch the rest of their nightmarish visions over the next few seasons.

Rating: 9/10


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