The X Files Mini Reviews 1.4 Conduit

The X Files: Season 1 Episode 4 Written by: Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon Directed by: Daniel Sackheim

I’m not going to lie Conduit is not one of my favourite episodes. I can never quite put my finger on why I don’t like it. I think maybe I could have done with another monster of the week rather than jumping back into the UFO stuff again.

Conduit isn’t a bad episode. It builds on what we learned about Mulder and his sister and it really does help define the character. It’s the first time we see just how much his sister’s disappearance affects him. Once he’s got Samantha on the brain the rule book goes out of the window.

But Conduit leaves us much in the same place Deep Throat did. We know something’s going on but our heroes are being shut out once again. There is some striking imagery in the episode. The picture young Kevin makes of his sister, Ruby, using binary code is one that has always stuck in my mind since I first saw the episode.

Overall the episode is worth watching and it does help continue the building of these characters. This is the Mulder we will follow over the next ten seasons. The shadow of Samantha Mulder is cast across our hero and it will define the character arc of her brother for at least the first seven seasons. The episode is an important brick in the foundation of the show but I’m still not that into it.

Rating 7/10


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