The X Files Mini Reviews 1.5 The Jersey Devil

The X Files: Season 1 Episode 5 Written by: Chris Carter Directed by: Joe Napolitano

The Jersey Devil is considered a bit of a clunker amongst X Files fans. It’s easy to forget that we’re only five episodes in and the show is still finding it’s feet. It seems incredible today but Chris Carter and his team had to come up with 24 hours of story per season so it’s not surprising that one or two episodes miss the mark and season one probably has the highest number (during the golden age of the show anyway). That being said I have always enjoyed this particular episode.

The concept is one that really appealed to the young me, the me that believed in ghosts and aliens, and was another story I believed could be true. The idea of some sort of “missing link” living hidden from the world is the exact sort of thing I loved growing up. It’s not an amazing episode but it’s a fun way to spend 45 minutes of your life. If you’re sticking to the essential X Files you can afford to skip this one. There are a few nice character moments (Mulder’s love of porn, Scully’s private life) but there’s nothing major you’ll miss out on by not watching it.

One thing that does stand out in this episode is Mark Snow’s excellent score. It should never be forgotten just how much his work added to the feel of The X Files. That guy can really get my spine tingling and the best of his work is yet to come!

Rating: 5/10


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