The X Files Mini Reviews 1.11 Eve

The X Files: Season 1 Episode 11 Written by: Kenneth Biller and Chris Brancato Directed by: Fred Gerber

Ah man that cold open! I’m not gonna lie I love this episode. Eve has always been one of my favourite episodes of the first season of The X Files. There’s always something enjoyable about creepy and murderous kids and when they’re twins it’s even spookier!

This episode is extremely well cast. The twins as the young Eves are great and the always delightful Harriet Harris as the older Eves is just fantastic. This episode is wonderfully creepy throughout. I’m a huge fan of The Boys From Brazil and this episode echoes that without coming across as a poor man’s version of it.

Perhaps one negative in this episode is the apparent over reliance on the character of Deep Throat to relay the information Mulder needs to progress with his investigations. When he’s popping up in none mythology episodes you know he’s only really there to nudge Mulder and Scully on to the next clue they need. Eleven episodes in and he’s becoming the get out of jail card for any dead ends in a plot.

But aside from this I consider this one of the most fun episodes of the season. It’s a good old fashioned demonic child story. If you hate children then this is the story for you! It’s fairly down to earth when compared to the aliens and liver monsters and this is the kind of story that probably should make us fear what future science has planned for us!

Rating: 9/10


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