The X Files Mini Reviews 1.12 Fire

The X Files: Season 1 Episode 12 Written by: Chris Carter Directed by: Larry Shaw

This is a episode I would personally describe as a bit of a clunker. It features some of the most cringe worthy dialogue in the show’s run and Mulder’s old flame (fire puns are very much the order of the day) is more annoying than anything but that might just be my lack of fondness for the American stereotype of us Brits.

Mulder’s fear of fire is established in this episode but is never mentioned again. Not even when he’s literally set on fire at the end of season 2. We do get an appearance from Mark “that guy’s been in everything” Sheppard who does his best with what he’s given which isn’t much.

The biggest problem with this episode is Phoebe Green who just gets on my tits. She’s British so she gets to say bugger because Americans seem to think that word is far more popular over here than it is. Quite frankly the character is just racist and rather obnoxious.

A guy who can set fire to shit just isn’t that interesting when you’ve already seen liver eating mutants and murderous clones. And if you want to flesh out Mulder’s past at least make it a bit less obnoxious and irritating. This is another skipable episode  but it’s not quite Space levels of bad. Watchable but you’re not missing much by giving it a miss. Unless you really love flame based punnery and creepy references to defiling Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s final resting place.

Rating: 5/10


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