The X Files Mini Reviews 1.15 Lazarus

The X Files: Season 1 Episode 15 Written by: Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon Directed by: David Nutter

Ah the classic body swap story. Except one of the body dies and there’s no going back. Lazarus is not an incredible episode. It’s a pretty dumb one to be honest but it’s a lot more fun than Gender Bender and slightly less offensive.

The body swap itself is a bit daft. The spirit of bank robber Warren James Dupre being transferred into the body of FBI Agent Jack Willis after a shootout at a failed bank robbery is an interesting concept but the fact that Dupre’s tattoo also transfers across bodies is just dumb.

Christopher Allport carries the episode quite well as the Willis possessed by Dupre. It’s hammy stuff but it’s an enjoyable watch. There is nothing particularly ground breaking in the episode. We get a bit more of an insight into Scully’s past and how unwilling she is to believe the crazy shit that happens right in front of her eyes. Unfortunately she also gets to play the role of the damsel in distress again which is a bit of a shame.

I did laugh at the disappearing tattoo at the episode’s conclusion. This is another non-essential episode of The X Files. We’ve had a few episodes now that really have much to them and it makes me very thankful that most shows have dropped the 24 episode model and we get more killer and less filler. In summary this is a dumb but fun episode but very skipable.

Rating: 6/10


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