The X Files Mini Reviews 1.16 Young At Heart

The X Files: Season 1 Episode 16 Written by: Scott Kaufer and Chris Carter Directed by: Michael Lange

Uh oh a former colleague of Mulder’s has turned up that can’t end well! Once again we’re facing a case that is a blast from the past for one of our heroes. This time it’s Mulder and one of his biggest failures as an FBI agent. This time it’s John Barnett a salamander handed criminal that Mulder helped bring to justice years earlier (not before his inaction led to the death of another colleague though which he feels a wee bit guilty about and plays a big part in the episodes finale).

This episode isn’t really that paranormal. It’s all about the science. I don’t know how close scientists are to using salamanders to help humans regrow missing limbs but for the love of god learn from this episode and don’t test this shit on criminals. The last thing we need is super powered criminals.

We haven’t seen Deep Throat for a while so it’s good to see him again. I’ve always thought of him being a major part of the mythology but that really isn’t the case. The mythology hasn’t really been established yet and Deep Throat just seems to pop by for any old shit.

This is another episode that isn’t really essential but it is kinda fun. This hasn’t been the strongest run of episodes which is especially disappointing after the highs reached by Beyond The Sea but hey next time out we get the debut of the Lone Gunmen and I love those guys!

Rating: 6/10


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