The X Files Mini Reviews 1.18 Miracle Man

The X Files: Season 1 Episode 18 Written by: Howard Gordon and Chris Carter Directed by: Michael Lange

This will not be the last time that The X Files tackles religions and personal faith but this episode is unique in that it’s a Mulder story. In future episodes when religion is at the core the story usually focuses on Scully and her own struggles with her faith and the things she sees on The X Files. Mulder is usually incredibly sceptical when it comes to religious phenomena so Miracle Man provides quite an interesting insight into the character of Mulder.

Miracle Man is a fairly straight forward episode. The paranormal mystery is a man who can heal people but now appears to be causing those he’s supposed to be helping die. This is the basic mystery that Mulder and Scully are required to solve and it’s all fairly rooted in traditional procedural style stuff. Apart from Mulder’s visions of his sister and whether or not Samuel is the miracle man he claims to be.

Overall it’s an episode I enjoy. The cruel twist at the end for the sheriff feels almost Twilight Zone in nature. The guest cast are all engaging and the motivations for the plot are fairly well grounded. Once again we’re not given any confirmation whether this is a genuine case of miracle healing or just fraudulent chancers fleecing everyone for what they can. Not an essential episode by any means but certainly an enjoyable one.

Rating 7/10


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