The X Files Mini Reviews 1.19 Shapes


The X Files: Season 1 Episode 19 Written by: Marilyn Osborn Directed by: David Nutter

Has there ever been an episode of American television series featuring Native Americans that isn’t incredibly questionable? This won’t be the last time they pop up on The X Files but they do at least get slightly better treatment than this. I’ve never met any Native Americans so I have no idea if they’re really like this but I can’t imagine they all go around talking about ancient beliefs 24/7.

So we’re doing a werewolf story. Why not? We’ve got werewolves and Native American mythology how bad can it be? Well pretty bad. Maybe it’s just me but I kinda feel werewolves are a bit too mystical for The X Files. It feels kind of silly. We also learn that the very first X File, started by J. Edgar Hoover himself, was about werewolves too.

I just didn’t find the episode that engaging and all the stuff with the Native Americans left me feeling uncomfortable. Isn’t it bad enough that you stole their country from them without mocking their cultural legacy in schlocky episodes of The X Files? Mulder is incredibly patronising to the sheriff at times, trying to be nice but talking to him like he’s some sort of lower life form that needs a moral boost from the big time FBI agent, and it’s just all a bit awkward. Ah well we’ve got a few more episodes before the show will offend anyone else.

For me an out and out monster is not something I really want to see in The X Files. I prefer my genetic mutants and missing links to full on classic horror beasties. It’s not really an episode I’d choose to watch and won’t make anyone’s essentials list.

Rating: 5/10


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