The X Files Mini Reviews 1.21 Tooms

The X Files: Season 1 Episode 21 Written by: Glen Morgan and James Wong Directed by: David Nutter

Squeeze remains one of the most popular episodes of The X Files and is the first to get a direct sequel and sees the return of one of the most iconic villains in the show’s history (well two as the Cigarette Smoking Man also returns this episode). The last time we saw Eugene Victor Tooms he was locked up but they’re about to let him out and let him finish his liver eating escapades another thirty years.

Thankfully Tooms is not just a rehash of Squeeze. The episode largely splits Mulder and Scully up with Scully investigating Tooms’s past crimes in an attempt to get him convicted whilst Mulder locks horns with Tooms himself. Scully’s adventures with the detective who spent his career chasing Tooms takes a slightly odd turn with him almost psychically finding the important clue but it all ends up being largely redundant. Mulder’s attempts to stop Tooms killing again is probably a stronger aspect of the episode and Tooms gets chance to show he’s more than a mindless monster when he manages to frame Mulder for attacking him.

This episode also features the introduction of another major character in Assistant Director Walter Skinner. He becomes such a huge part of the show it’s hard to believe he’s only introduced at this late point of season one. Things are looking a bit grim for Mulder and Scully now and the idea of shutting down the X Files for good is floated once again.

It’s hard to say which I prefer out of Squeeze and Tooms. They are both very enjoyable episodes and work nicely as a two parter which is how I originally enjoyed them back in the day on VHS. Squeeze is possibly the better episode but this is an enjoyable conclusion to such an iconic villain. It’s almost a shame he couldn’t return again.

Rating: 9/10


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