The X Files Mini Reviews 1.24 The Erlenmeyer Flask

The X Files: Season 1 Episode 24 Written by: Chris Carter Directed by: R.W. Goodwin

So here we are. The end of the first season and thankfully we’re going out with a bang. This episode is somewhat of a game changer and sets up a lot of what’s to come over the next few seasons. This is basically the birth of the conspiracy story line that defines the legacy of The X Files.

We get a bit of continuity in this episode as Scully is still very mistrustful of Deep Throat after the events of E.B.E. which is a nice touch. We get introduced to the alien blood that’s poisonous to humans. We see that the forces of evil have no qualms about killing the innocent to withhold the truth. We get alien fetuses. We say goodbye to Deep Throat and The X Files themselves.

This is an action packed episode and is a nice reminder of just how exciting a good X Files finale can be. The loss of Deep Throat hurts but it gives you the sense that anyone could die during Mulder’s quest and it also takes away his easy route to solving his cases. We’re teased with a much bigger story to come and speaking from experience we’ve got some fantastic stories a head of us. Season one might have been a bit patchy but it ends in a very strong position. The truth is out there and personally I can’t wait to find it.

Rating 9/10


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