The X Files Season One: My Top Five Episodes


So we’ve reached the end of the first season of The X Files. It was very much a mixed bag. The highs were incredibly high but the lows were very low indeed. Having watched all 24 episodes I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite episodes of the season. That’s favourite not best. There are episodes I know are technically better than the ones I’ve chosen but this is a personal list of episodes I enjoy watching. So, in reverse order, here’s my top five episodes of The X Files season one…

5. Eve


You can’t beat an evil child story and Eve was especially creepy. Very much in the style of The Boys From Brazil which is a story I love Eve is an episode I revisit often.

4) The Erlenmeyer Flask


I might not be as into the conspiracy episodes as I was as a kid but this episode is a fantastic watch. The brutal demise of Deep Throat is a shock to the system and we’re teased with what’s to come.

3) Ice


Ice is a fantastic stand alone episode. You don’t need to be a fan of the show to enjoy this classic stand alone.

2) Squeeze/Tooms


Okay so I’m cheating a little bit here. Technically these are two separate episodes but they compliment each other so well and I struggle to separate them in my mind I’m counting them as one. Tooms is the quintessential monster of the week and this is a classic tale of terror.

1) Beyond The Sea


Beyond The Sea is just a fantastic episode. Gillian Anderson puts in an amazing performance and Brad Dourif is phenomenal. In my opinion this is the essential episode of the first season. If you can watch this episode and not enjoy it then The X Files is not the show for you.

Now on to season two and Little Green Men…


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