The X Files Mini Reviews 2.2 The Host


Mulder, feeling increasingly more frustrated with Assistant Director Skinner, is sent to investigate the discovery of a body found in the New Jersey sewer system. Originally dismissing the case as another attempt to waste his time Mulder, with some encouragement from Scully, discovers a strange flukeworm like creature. Mulder discovers he has a friend in the FBI after receiving a call from a mysterious figure who also provides Scully with the clue needed to piece the case together. The human like Flukeman is captured but soon escapes before meeting a gruesome demise as it attempts to escape. Scully reveals that the Flukeman is a human mutated by radiation from¬†Chernobyl and has the same regenerative powers of a normal flukeworm before it’s revealed to us that Flukeman is not quite so dead…

After the last episode set the pieces back on the board this time we dive straight into a classic monster of the week episode and it’s a delightfully creepy one. We get the first appearance of Darin Morgan who will go on to be involved in some of the best episodes of The X Files both in front of and behind the camera.

The Flukeman is gloriously horrific and once again it’s not so far fetched. We’ve all seen the horrors of what radiation can do to the human body and who’s to say what creatures might be lurking out there? Mark Snow’s score is perfect for the episode, as always, and I can guarantee you’ll be checking the toilet every time you go to the bathroom after watching this.

The Host also gives us the first appearance of the mysterious successor to Deep Throat. We don’t get much of him but there’s enough to get us interested in who he is and what his agenda is. Just why must the reinstatement of The X Files be undeniable? It sure is going to be fun finding out!

This is a fun episode. You could skip it and not miss anything crucial to following the story arcs to come but it’s too much fun to do that. Flukeman, like Tooms, is an iconic X Files villain and even returns in the Season 10 (now no longer canon) comic. If you enjoy a good horror give this episode a go. You won’t regret it.


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